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Montreal, the Bangkok of the West - 05/2002

Montreal has become a prime sex destination and is often referred to as The Bangkok of the West by Americans and Canadians. Sex trafficking by organized crime rings is an upward trend - with women coming from China, Korea, and Malaysia, as well as Russia and other east European countries.

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China declares war on electronic porn - 21/08/04

Since the crackdown in July, police have shut down about 700 porno sites and arrested 329 people. Over 16,000 internet cafes were shut down due to to easy access to pornography.

Asian sexworker ring busted in Calgary - 09/11/03

Police raided 9 massage parlours and two houses, and have so far laid charges against 21 people in a trafficking ring that smuggled women into Canada from Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. The ring was based in Vancouver and Calgary, and supplied the women with fake I.D.'s, and phony massage therapist certificates. According to court documents, the women used student or visitor visas to get into Canada.

Women sold to China - 14/05/01

Recently, over 10,400 Vietnamese women have been sold to China to be wives of Chinese men or to work as maids or prostitutes. Young boys have also been sold. A percentage of the women have escaped & returned with Chinese born children.

More than 10,000 sex dens uncovered in Vietnam vice crackdown - 29/02/00

Hanoi- Local authorities uncovered more than 10,000 establishments offering sex or sex related services in a national anti-prostitution crackdown in 1999. Of the 26,711 establishments raided: 10,051 bars, discotheques, restaurants, massage parlours, karaoke spots and hairsalons violated a governmental decree on prostitution prevention, according to the Anti-Social Evils Department published by the Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper. The paper did not state the number of arrests but said 607 of these establishments had their trading licences revoked and were fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for the violations. Although prostitution is illegal, it has flourished in the past decade, a by-product of Vietnam's economic opening. Most women come from the countryside, and are lured into the trade by the promise of easy money. Observers say the number of prostitutes is close to 200,000, and that there has been an alarming increase in the number of underage women involved in the sex trade.

Man charged with raping Canadian bar hostess - Tokyo, Japan - 28/10/00

A Japanese business executive has been charged with drugging and raping at least one Canadian woman who was a bar hostess in the Roppongi district. He is also being questioned about the disappearance of a British woman, also a bar hostess. He was formally arrested in 1997 for raping yet another Canadian women, after similarly drugging her as well.

Frenchman on trial in landmark sex-tourism case - 20/10/00

A 47-yr old man went on trial in Paris for raping an 11 yr-old girl during a sex holiday in Thailand. The accussed videotaped the acts of "molestation" in his hotel room at the Pattaya beach resort in Feb. '94 .The UN Children's Fund, also a plaintiff in the case estimates that about 400,000 children in Thailand alone are pressured into prostitution.

Guangzhou, China - Country wide anti-vice campaign begins - 03/07/00

37 gay men were arrested at the Heros' gym, a popular meeting place, in a recent detention sweep against homosexuality, which is illegal in China. Prostitution, drugs and other vices are also targeted during the 3 month crackdown which began July 1st.

Shanghai - Chinese bestseller destroyed by publisher - 11/05/00

Chinese state media denounced Zhou Weihui, author of the best-selling novel Shanghai Baby, as "decadent, debauchedand a slave of foreign culture." They also frightened her publisher into destroying the page proofs and all books in stock, calling the book "too outlandish." Sales of the book were estimated as high as 100,000, and Zhou is considered China's most popular writer since the 1980s. Shanghai Baby tells the story of a 25-year-old waitress who falls in love with and moves in with a handsome but impotent man. She later begins an affair with a married German.

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