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Tourism Montreal estimates that the the gay tourist industry brings in more than $22 million in spending & spinoffs to the city - Placing it third, after the Grand Prix and Jazz Festival. The 2007 Gay Pride Festivities take place from Aug. 1st - 5th.

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August 1st, 1999 - Divers/Cité Parade


Letter by Travis Geko - published in The Hour 03/07/97

"I'd like to thank Hour for "outing" Sonia Ethier & Frédéric Page a second time {"Inside Out," 06/26} I find it outrageous that two adults who openly participate in a public gay-pride parade are afraid to be identified as doing so. It is a sad display of hypocrisy and a slap in the face to the organizers of Divers/Cité.

The photo in question is in very good taste. There is nothing very "gay" about a man and a woman waving and smiling in a crowd. As a straight male who supports gay rights and who has marched in the parade for the past three years, I am offended by Ethier's and Page's intention to sue the organizers - ($50,000- for putting their photo on the cover of their publicity program) I'd be more than happy to grace the cover of their program." In fact, I rode on a float in the 1997 parade - much to the surpise of many, and would do the same anytime. - T.G.

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