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goth grrls who submit - photos welcome

Social Gatherings in Clubland

montreal goth clubs & fetish nites & others

Bike and Tattoo Shows - Montreal


montreal science-fiction and fantasy convention

Convergence VIII - Pic Gallery

montreal: 05/31 - 06/02 - 2002

Cruella - Diabolik - Division Gothic - Ritual Designs -

local gothic & fetish fashions

Fantasia Film Festival


Gothic Montreal

The Grand Masquerade - Halloween


en francais... littérature, cinema

L'Ange écarlate - L'Eau noire

french novels by Natasha Beaulieu

La Peau Blanche

quebec horror film

Magical Blend

local metaphysical bookstore

Montreal Goth Comic Strip

Montreal Goth Forum

Montreal Goth Friends

Nancy Kilpatrick

local horror writer

Quebec Ghosts and Hauntings

research society

Festival SPASM

horreur et sci-fi quebecois

Soft Gothic

Local Girl Tiffany Lee Fisher

Stories of a Gravedigger

Sur le Seuil - le film

based on the book by Patrick Senécal

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