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 latest news - 01.14.08

Sex Shop Canada is now an altmtl affiliate


Alternative Montreal celebrates it's 10th year online this month,

a group for the site is now available on Facebook


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I changed server hosts this weekend


Just back from Zipolte, Mexico - I love nude beaches


Have been neglecting the site lately, will start working on a major update this week.

If you see any "out of date " links let me know.


Site down again - sorry, server was down for almost 48 hrs - I am not happy.

Alternative Montreal Live Journal

altmtl lj - people can join and share the banalities of this site and everyday life.

news - 06.03.04

Just returned from a month long trip in Mexico

news - 09.01.04

This has got to be the strangest request I ever received...

"I requested that remove the link to (my) page. Why? Because they devote an inordinate amount of space to attacking pedophiles on their sexmedia page. I'm not going to serve their clients with that kind of attitude. If it cuts down on the amount of traffic to this site, so be it. - Jason (member of the gay community)" Having someone upset because I don't endorse the sexual exploitation of children is publicly incorrect to say the least, and not something I'd broadcast online. But, it's nice to know I can offend people from all walks of life:)

news - 05.12.03

Someone who registered the domain name had been redirecting visitors to a particular section of this website!!! What's the problem you ask? This site has nothing to do with Jean Charest or the Liberal Party of Canada. Although I found this quite amusing at the beginning, a bias media report by the local TQS TV news made it appear that I was "Cyber Squatting" and that I was some how responsible for this action.

what is meant to be...

alternative montreal & beyond has been on the www since January 21st, 1997. It is a continuous "work in progress" A personal resource guide and basic outlet for my creative needs, not to mention a hobby gone way out of control... Even self medicating hasn't been able to stop me... I believe in freedom of expression, no matter how offensive.

My intent is to offer relevant socio-cultural information, mixed with cynical humor, weird fascination and alternative "adult lifestyle" content to the open minded. I feel that there needs to be an opposing voice to both the main stream and the adult website industry in general, hence the news articles that show the "reality of the industry". Although this site is basically a link site, the thematic is clear, finding your alternative resources all in one place. I update on a regular basis.

My domain name was made official as of January 1st, 2001. The shorter and more identifiably Canadian .ca name was chosen to avoid confusion with other sites using similar names and concepts - this is the original alternative montreal.

anti-xmas in montreal - Ironically, this is my most popular and politically incorrect section of all, especially during December. It also features more original material and commentary - It is religiously offensive - I hate Xmas. Created dec. '97. Recently moved to this server from - nov. '03. I received a lot of media coverage for this section in '03. options - created after altmtl, this is the XXX section, I've added a touch of realism for those who live in their own little fantasy world. The sex industry is not as erotic and glamorous as it may sometimes seem.... are hot babes really waiting for you...? I doubt it. The sextrade section is the most visited page of this site. In my opinion, the personals are the less expensive option, except of course if you're in Thailand... but that's another story. Ever try Sex Toys?

city of alt.religion - touches on the local goth scene, it has been integrated into the main site - it used to be on tripod, a free server.

alt. grrl of the month is basically just a picture post which attracts mostly goth grrls. Moved from virtualave - 08.01.04.

montreal webculture - area 514 is a more mainstream option for the everyday tourist, used to be on geocities.

adventure travel partners, an e-group for singles and couples looking to meet "travel partners" - at one point this group had about 360 members, but I deleted half of them for having blank profiles. no pic or details and you're toast - sorry.

poll results - past and present

There you have it - a brief resume of how I amuse myself and others. I thank you all for reading this far, and for your support and feedback regarding this site. I hope it is able to serve your purpose and mine.

If you come across any links that don't work or are out of date, please let me know

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