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Postmodern Dating Rituals

Experimental Possibilities and Social Reality

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Relationships, Social Interaction and Cyberspace

*More than 7.8 miillion Canadians visited online personal sites in Sept. '03

*Today, it is estimated that more than 20 million people visit dating sites at least once a month

*52% of adults believe they are more likely to meet someone online than in a bar.

*63% of adults claim they had sex with someone they met online - visitors to this site: 31%

*17% of the online population may be at risk of developing difficulty with "normal relationships"

*An average of 2700 people sign up daily to dating sites - locally,

there can be anywhere from 1000 - 3000 people online at any given time.

"Online Dating is Bigger Than Porn"

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pour réaliser ses fantasmes! - also in english: Play with Fantasy

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Compagnie - Strike it Up

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Kay and Rob get hitched - May '99

Marriage Montreal

If you ever get to that point!

*44.8% of Quebec marriages end in divorce*

"The Internet is a major contributing factor to separation and divorce among established couples"

In Quebec, 8.9 per cent of unmarried adult couples choose to live apart, while remaining a couple. The national average is 8 percent. The term coined for this: LAT - Living Apart Together.

No Kidding

child free singles & couples

Open Minded Couples - Quebec Swingers

shared relationships - liens en francais

Adventure Travel Partners

yahoo travel group for singles and....

Computer-Dating-Questionaire Part 1

Federation of Quebec Naturism-Nudism

a wholesome clothes free lifestyle...

26/05/01 - NY Photographer Spencer Tunick convinced 2,200 participants to strip bare on downtown St-Catherine st. at 5 am for his human sculpture of bodies, which is part of his Naked Pavement series. The event was co-organized with the museum of contemporary art & coincided with the exhibit entitled: Metamorphosis and Cloning. Tunick has previously been arrested for other past events, but in this case he received the full support of the city and police, and there was a record turnout.

Internet Dating: Risks and Hazards

do's and don'ts

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"You don't pay for sex? (think again) You may not leave $300.00 on the dresser or in a bowl on the coffee table, but ultimately, you pay for sex. How much did dinner and a movie cost? What about that nice gift and the bottle of good wine? Don't forget a bouquet of flowers or half dozen fresh roses. Yes, you pay for sex one way or another.' - B.T

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