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Who Visits this site

55% of visitors to this site claim to have met someone online via the personals:

11% didn't work out - 7% become good friends - 31% had sex - 5% are in a steady relationship.

As of my last update 55.8% of users to this site has used an escort service at least once.

The majority of users outside Canada and the U.S. who visit this site are from France,

the exception to this was in dec.'03 when the majority were from the Netherlands.

The following stats are based on those who answered the popup quiz through beseen.com. A free service that ended as of August, 2002.

Visitors: Out of 26282 people who responded:

Single males = 58% - Attached Males = 26%

Single Females = 11% - Attached females = 5%

On the surface it looks like there are a lot less female users, despite the increase in visitors since this site got it's own domain. But my theory is that there are less women filling out the pop quiz. - One survey has concluded that "Canadian women spend more time online than men, about 45 minutes more than the average male - 15.5 hrs a month" On the other hand there are a lot more men listed in the online personals than women.

What is you sexual orientation... gender section - 1989 responses

Straight males = 24% - Bisexual = 27% Straight females = 9% Lesbian = 5% Gay males = 19% - Transvestites = 17%

It should be noted that the stats are consistent and do not vary greatly from month to month.

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