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New York men's magazine STUFF rated Montreal as the best city

in North America for Naked Women - July 2001, site de rencontre révolutionnaire basé sur les fantasmes de ses membres!
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Strippergate - The Canadian Stripper Shortage - 22/12/04

In April of 1998 the human resources dept. approved a special exemption for foreign strippers, apparently due to a shortage of "Exotic Dancers", The Visa program let in 661 dancers, but was canceled on Dec. 16th, when it came to light that former Immigration Minister Judy Sgro fast-tracked a Romanian stripper who had worked on her re-elect ion campaign. Local strip club owners deny there is a shortage of strippers, saying they have to turn many away. Sex Trade activists support the program as it protected their human rights.

Marc Bellemare Scandal - 9/10/03

Former Quebec Justice Minister feels the heat when it is discovered that his 21 yr-old daughter Lysanne, worked as a nude dancer in Quebec clubs thought to be controlled by the Hells Angels. Clip in french.

Drag-queen strip bar defies city - 30/08/03

Nightclub owner Peter Sergakis has opened a strip club featuring male dancers and drag queens called - Blu Erotic Lounge. Apparently due to a 10-year-old city moratorium on new strip clubs, a city councilor has threatened to close the place down. Fortunately, the owner bought the club knowing he had the acquired rights to the property as a strip club. Now the courts will decide.

15-year-old girl found working in strip bar - 27/08/03

Although her parents thought she was camping for the weekend, police found the scantly dressed girl in a Thetford Mines (185k north of Montreal) strip bar. She is from Quebec City and was turned over to social services...

Local Strip Club site free expression - 13/06/03

Chateau du Sexe, a strip club on St. Catherine St., are still in court in order to exercise their right to broadcast its erotic shows via loud speakers out on the street. Apparently this practice goes against a municipal noise bylaw. The case began in 1996 and was brought forward by it's former owners.

Highway Strip Clubs busted as fronts for prostitution - Quebec 30/11/00

Police raided 6 roadside clubs operating on Highway 20, between Montreal and Quebec City. Apparently there was very little dancing going on... as clients were offered sex acts upon entering the bar. They were later escorted to small rooms where they paid up to $100 for various sex acts. Also seized in the raid: 12,000 condoms. - "80% of Quebec strip clubs outside Montreal offer sexual services, from masturbation to intercourse."

Lap Dancing is legal - Ottawa - 14/12/99

The Supreme court of Canada ruled that a strip bar in Montreal that permitted "lap dancing" - an activity that allows physical contact between dancers and customers does not violate community standards of tolerance and that it is not an indecent act under the criminal code. Dancers against the practice however argue that it is "unsafe, unhygienic and tantamount to prostitution."

Book by Annie Pilotte (en français)

L'Axe - 1855, rue St-Denis

Bachelor Party Montreal - a guide

Cabaret Sexe Mania - 2683, rue Ontario Est,

Chez Paree - 1258 Stanley

Club Downtown - 1196 St. Catherine W.

Club Wanda's - 1458 De la Montagne

Kingdom Gentleman's Club - 1417 St. Laurent

Live Nude Girls Unite - documentary

Miss Nude Canada Pageant - official site

Erotic and Pole Dance Lessons - classes for women in montreal

sheboys and boyz

Café Cleopatre - Cabaret Mado

female Impersonators - travestis

Phony Stripper on the Loose - 09.99

A man who pretends to be working for a Strip-A-Gram company is being sought in the Montreal area. The man arrives at his location and performs an unsolicited strip for the female employees and leaves without incident. They later realize that their friends had nothing to do with the little show and they call police, usually a little embarrassed. Apparently the police have received reports about the "Exhibitionist" for over a year.

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Cum On Boys - Ultimate Stud - Male Next Door

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Lesbo101 - Licka Licka - Kinky Lesbos

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AAA Massage Top List

Abandon Massage Spa


Au Salon Rouge



certified professional massage - no sex

International Massage Exchange Club

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Salon D'or

Spa Isis

22/06/00 - Cops cut in on topless trim

Two women, including the owner, and a man were arrested when Laval Police raided the salon. Although topless haircuts are legal, the dances with touching and petting in the back rooms are not. Charged with running a bawdy house, The owner was on probation from a previous charge in March 00.

Nude waitress acquitted of indecency charges - Montreal - 14/11/00

A Montreal judge has cleared an east end waitress on indecency charges after police witnessed the "sexy serveuse" outside the restaurant where she worked wearing nothing but a black transparent veil around her waist while talking to two men. The judge agreed with the defense that the hadn't been committed willfully and that public nudity by itself is not an indecent act.

Chez Carole Serveuses Sexy

Les Courtisanes

Les Princesses Super Sexy

keep in mind that these places are far from being "high class"

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